Reading Roundup #1

This is my first real round up on this site of great posts collected from the blogosphere. Today’s theme? Life. More specifically, personal stories from my favorite personal finance bloggers. Some of these stories are told in a PF frame, but some are not.

Here are five posts covering a variety of topics and emotions that all have each blogger’s personal angle or experiences. Enjoy!

Workforce Racism Sucks from Zero Day Finance.

Kudos to ZDF for talking about microaggressions in the workplace from the most well-meaning people. It’s an issue that doesn’t get discussed enough, in my opinion. I feel that when certain issues have a national focus, there can be a “Stranger effect” that occurs when an issue feels too distant from our personal lives. This post is a reminder to be self-aware of the things we say and what the people around us do.

How I Survived a Relationship with a Frugalista from The Luxe Strategist.

So technically this is a guest post from Luxe’s SO, “The Luxeband”. Why did I enjoy this post? As someone who is the more frugal person in my relationship, it was fun to read the perspective of the other side, and how living with a saver can change a spender’s habits.

Why I Don’t Save For My Daughter’s Education from Debt Free Geek

Debt Free Geek opened up with an emotional personal story on why he doesn’t save for his daughter’s education. Sometimes life gets in the way of picture perfect finances, only to remind you that there’s always a bigger picture.

Legosaurus Rex Finds A New Home from My Son’s Father

What’s great about this post? LEGOS. If you’re an avid Lego fan like me and active in the PF blogging community, you’ll get a kick out of this one. Really though, A+ for anything that involves Legos.

My Scarcity Mindset is Eroding my Relationship from Making It Rain

A very relevant take on being doggedly focused towards your financial goals, at the cost of your relationships with the people around you. I share some of MIR’s anxieties, so reading someone else’s thoughts on the matter helped me better identify the things I’ve been feeling lately.


My favorite posts to read are when bloggers open up about their personal experiences or add their unique brand of humor; hopefully, you enjoyed these as much as I did!


  1. Great roundup Jane! Awesome set of posts (obviously bc mine is included 😀), looking forward to the next round!

    Also your site is looking great, how’s the migration going?

    1. Author

      Thanks David, I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      The migration is technically complete now, but there are still a lot of site changes that I’m trying to roll out in my spare time. I’m looking forward to showing everyone the final(ish) result!

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