Do you have too much in your emergency fund?

There’s this guideline to having an emergency fund; save three to six month’s worth of expenses (expenses, not salary). The importance of having a cash buffer to fall back on in case of emergencies can’t be stressed enough; however, I do think that there’s a lot to be unpacked in a simple recommendation of “three to six months of expenses”. Continue reading “Do you have too much in your emergency fund?”

Graduation gifts on a budget

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It’s graduation season! My sister is graduating from college next month, and I can’t be prouder of her. Because I’m the oldest sibling and she’s the youngest, I’ve had a tendency to spoil her with gifts since I started working. She’s going on an extended Europe trip this summer, so my gift to her is part preparation for her trip, part preparation for grad school, which she’s starting this fall. Spoiling my sister aside, graduation gifts are not worth breaking the bank for. Continue reading “Graduation gifts on a budget”

Being a Wedding Guest on a Budget

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I’ve reached that sweet spot of my mid-20s where everyone around me is getting engaged. I participated in my first wedding ever last October, and it was a total blast. However, it was also pricey! With invites from both my friends and Ian’s friends, I’ve had to set up a savings account so I won’t be blindsided by gift and travel expenses. Continue reading “Being a Wedding Guest on a Budget”

How To Save Money: 5 Easy Tips To Get You Started

Hey, all! Today’s post comes from Brian, who is the owner of Grind Fit Gear and founder of Millennial Money Guide. He launched Millennial Money Guide in order to share his experience and knowledge in finance and entrepreneurship. He teaches others how to balance finances with living a great life now and preparing for the future through entrepreneurial ventures and fiscally smart decision making. Hope you enjoy his post! Continue reading “How To Save Money: 5 Easy Tips To Get You Started”

Living on less: You don’t need as much as you think

Earlier today, I was reading this fascinating thread on Reddit about living in NYC on 35K (or less) a year. Some Redditors explained how they could live on this amount and still save a significant amount of money. While I do have the luxury of a job that pays me much more than that, my aggressive savings goals mean that I will be attempting to live on less than half of what I typically make in a year, which is going to come in at a little below 35K, if I manage to stick to all my plans. Continue reading “Living on less: You don’t need as much as you think”

My 2017 Savings Gameplan

Welcome to 2017! It’s a new year, which means that it’s time to get some of my financial goals moving. Assuming everything goes well, I’ll be putting away close to 60% of my income this year towards savings and investments.

My 401k contribution is now set to its maximum percentage that will give me an additional $18,000 in my account by the end of the year. Unfortunately, my current company plan is pre-tax only. If there was a post-tax option, I would definitely be opting for that instead. What I’m really excited about, however, is that I will now have company matching on my contributions! Continue reading “My 2017 Savings Gameplan”