Cash Fasting Round 5: A week without groceries and restaurants

It’s been a while since I’ve Cash Fasted! At the beginning of May, I decided to attempt one week without spending any money on food. On the last day of April, we did a small grocery run (<$20), but the fact is, we have a full pantry and plenty of fridge scraps that will otherwise go to waste.

Why did I choose to focus on Food & Dining for this month? This was the category in April that I overspent in the most. $648. I’ve recently increased my monthly food budget from $400 to $500, but I still went over by a lot. In general, I tend to overspend the first week of every month. Part of it is because many of my expenses like rent and fitness are front-loaded, but that’s started creeping into unnecessary expenditures as well. Without further ado, here’s how my challenge went:

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Cash Fasting Round 3: Sticking to my budget

With my new financial resolutions to stay on top of, it was more important than ever for me to stay on top of my budget this month. Therefore, this month’s goal was incredibly simple: STICK. TO. MY. BUDGET. After all, what’s the point of even having one if you can’t follow it?

Behold! For the first time in a very long time, and definitely the first time since moving up to NYC, I stayed within my budget! Continue reading “Cash Fasting Round 3: Sticking to my budget”

Cash Fasting Round 2: $400 food budget for one month

Here’s another round of cash fasting! Round 1 may have been a failure, but there were some silver lining results that I would love to capitalize on this month. Originally, I wanted to make this fast for all my expenses, but, with rent/dance classes/commuting costs/wedding traveling included, then it would be such a huge number that it wouldn’t really feel like a fast. Plus, I’ve learned from my mistakes. We’re taking baby steps now. Instead, this month I’m going to target one of my biggest expenses, FOOD. Continue reading “Cash Fasting Round 2: $400 food budget for one month”

Cash Fasting Round 1: $200 in 2 Weeks

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am on a spending diet. Last month, I spent $3,000, which is 50% over my already lenient budget. *quietly sobs in the corner* The total balance of all my credit cards exceeds my checking account by $1,000, so it’s time to make some serious adjustments until my next paycheck.  Between September 1st and September 15th, my goal is to limit my spending to $200, which is what I need to keep my spending under in order to just break even when I get paid on the 15th. Continue reading “Cash Fasting Round 1: $200 in 2 Weeks”