Put your best foot forward in a job search

The past month, for the first time in my career, I got to sit on the other side of the interview table, and it was quite an eye-opening experience. After polishing up my soft skills in grad school, I feel pretty comfortable with the interviewing and just generally with the job search process. While most people seem to understand the main aspects of applying to jobs, there were so many issues that kept repeating themselves that I had to highlight them. Continue reading “Put your best foot forward in a job search”

The Cost of Living in NYC

I recently wrote a guest post for Zero Day Finance detailing my salary growth in only three years of working. Today, I’d like to provide a proper breakdown of my average monthly expenses, to be used as a benchmark for those looking to move here or others trying to estimate what a frugal (but reasonable) financial breakdown in an expensive city looks like.

I make a solidly middle-class salary here in NYC (thanks to The Luxe Strategist for the article find). It’s well above the median household income in the US, but in this city, money goes fast. I’m above the $75,000 national happiness threshold for the US, but below the state-adjusted threshold for my area.

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In pursuit of the side hustle

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Since joining the personal finance community as a blogger last September, I’ve been continually amazed by how some people make an astounding amount of money online. There’s the role model for all bloggers – the girl behind Making Sense of Cents, who made nearly $1M last year from her blog. That’s crazy! Plenty of other bloggers publish their monthly income reports online, and those posts are both motivating and frustrating to read.

You want to know how much money I have made from this blog? Continue reading “In pursuit of the side hustle”

This lifestyle is a choice

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Lately, I’ve been pretty down on myself in terms of how my financial goals are progressing, and I’m afraid it’s starting to show publicly to my friends and family, and even occasionally online within the FIRE/PF community. We’re so often barraged with stories of other peoples’ success that it always feels like whatever we’re doing isn’t enough. At least, that’s what I’ve been struggling with. Continue reading “This lifestyle is a choice”

When it rains, it pours: I had to choose between a new job opportunity and a great counter-offer

Most people have had the experience of switching jobs. I’ve done it once so far in my career. What makes my most recent experience so different from the last one is that I wasn’t actively looking for a new opportunity; it kind of just fell into my lap. This means that when an offer actually came in, I wasn’t wholly prepared to leave my current job. I like my company, I like my team, and I like (for the most part) the work that I do. Yes, there are major frustrations that sometimes make me want to quit, but compared to my previous job, where I was overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed, this gig has been real good to me. No job is 100% perfect. Continue reading “When it rains, it pours: I had to choose between a new job opportunity and a great counter-offer”

Setting yourself up for inspiration

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This is going to be a weird post because it’s not directly related to personal finance, but today I wanted to explore the idea of being “in the zone”, and what that means for me. Since these are things that apply specifically to me, I won’t make the presumption of saying they’ll work for you, too. That said, hear me out – maybe something will resonate with you, and that’s the best I can hope for. Continue reading “Setting yourself up for inspiration”

An exercise in Minimalism; decluttering my bedroom

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When I first sat down to write this post, I wanted to focus on the importance of minimalism and explain a bit about why I think it’s a great lifestyle to adopt. After all, it’s good for you wallet, great for the environment, and fantastic for your peace of mind. However, there are so many other resources out there now that discuss these factors in great detail. So instead, let’s get personal. Continue reading “An exercise in Minimalism; decluttering my bedroom”

Christmas Shopping in Review: How much did I actually spend this season

It’s been a month since Christmas. Honestly, I expected this post to have been completed much earlier, but somehow the new year just got out from under me. I started the holiday season off well-prepared and armed with a financial plan. It started off great but eventually spiraled out of control… it’s always the last-minute shopping that gets expensive. Time for a 2016 Christmas breakdown.

Total spent on gifts: $796
That’s for 20 people, meaning I spent an average of $39.80 per person this season. Hot damn. Continue reading “Christmas Shopping in Review: How much did I actually spend this season”

My 2017 Savings Gameplan

Welcome to 2017! It’s a new year, which means that it’s time to get some of my financial goals moving. Assuming everything goes well, I’ll be putting away close to 60% of my income this year towards savings and investments.

My 401k contribution is now set to its maximum percentage that will give me an additional $18,000 in my account by the end of the year. Unfortunately, my current company plan is pre-tax only. If there was a post-tax option, I would definitely be opting for that instead. What I’m really excited about, however, is that I will now have company matching on my contributions! Continue reading “My 2017 Savings Gameplan”