In pursuit of the side hustle

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Since joining the personal finance community as a blogger last September, I’ve been continually amazed by how some people make an astounding amount of money online. There’s the role model for all bloggers – the girl behind Making Sense of Cents, who made nearly $1M last year from her blog. That’s crazy! Plenty of other bloggers publish their monthly income reports online, and those posts are both motivating and frustrating to read.

You want to know how much money I have made from this blog? Continue reading “In pursuit of the side hustle”

Graduation gifts on a budget

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It’s graduation season! My sister is graduating from college next month, and I can’t be prouder of her. Because I’m the oldest sibling and she’s the youngest, I’ve had a tendency to spoil her with gifts since I started working. She’s going on an extended Europe trip this summer, so my gift to her is part preparation for her trip, part preparation for grad school, which she’s starting this fall. Spoiling my sister aside, graduation gifts are not worth breaking the bank for. Continue reading “Graduation gifts on a budget”

This lifestyle is a choice

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Lately, I’ve been pretty down on myself in terms of how my financial goals are progressing, and I’m afraid it’s starting to show publicly to my friends and family, and even occasionally online within the FIRE/PF community. We’re so often barraged with stories of other peoples’ success that it always feels like whatever we’re doing isn’t enough. At least, that’s what I’ve been struggling with. Continue reading “This lifestyle is a choice”

How much money should I have in my retirement accounts?

A topic that often comes up among financial discussions with my friends is what an appropriate 401K net worth is.

A general rule of thumb is that you should have about one year’s worth of salary saved for retirement by 30. This should account for salary growth as well – if 30 is a few years away for you, factor in some growth in your gross income. However, for me and my friends who are still quite a while away from 30, early benchmarking has been a challenge. Continue reading “How much money should I have in my retirement accounts?”

What I did with my tax refund

It’s April, which means tax returns are due! I had to file taxes in three different states for 2016, which ended up being quite a pain. That said, I got roughly $1,000 in tax refunds, which is incredibly exciting! I’m excited mostly because it was almost going to be just $300 before I realized that I was double-taxing myself in two out of the three states I filed in.

Why is it so important to plan around a tax refund? For many, it’s the biggest windfall we’re going to get all year. Continue reading “What I did with my tax refund”

Two Cents: Q&A with Helen

Welcome back to Two Cents, a Q&A series that reveals how individuals of different ages, cities, and professions feel about their current financial situation.

Hey everyone, meet Helen! She’s a good friend from college who now lives many states away 😭. Like me, Helen had the huge advantage of starting out at a company that forced financial learning, and that’s definitely reflected in the way she thinks about her finances. Yes, she has credit card debt, but she’s also handling it expertly! Read on to find out more. Continue reading “Two Cents: Q&A with Helen”