Where to get your Free Credit Score

You know how to get your free credit report. Now, where do you go to get a free credit score? By free, I mean that in the course of registering you are not required, at any point, to input credit card information. I’ve compiled a list of sites that I’ve personally used to get my free credit score. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so I’d love to hear in the comments if I’m missing any big ones. In alphabetical order:

Site Type of Score Update Frequency
Comparecards.com TransUnion Monthly
Credit.com Experian Bi-Monthly
Credit Sesame TransUnion Monthly
Credit Karma TransUnion, Equifax Weekly
Lendingtree TransUnion Monthly
Mint Equifax Monthly
Creditcards.com TransUnion Monthly
Quizzle TransUnion Quarterly

Because it updates on a weekly basis and offers two scores, I use Credit Karma most frequently. The site is also great in that it tells you the likelihood of being approved for any specific credit card product, based on the success of other Credit Karma users who have applied for a card before you.

I also can’t ignore the fact that banks are finally catching up with the above sites by offer customers access to free scores. Here are some of the biggest institutions and their current credit score availability:

Institution Limitations Update Frequency
American Express Some cardholders Monthly
Bank of America All cardholders Monthly
Barclaycard All cardholders Monthly
Capital One None! Weekly
Chase None! Weekly
Citi Some cardholders Monthly
Discover None! Monthly

This page will be updated every so often as things change and more sites/banks offer free credit scores.

Feb 2017 UPDATE: Chase has since expanded its free credit score offering from Slate cardholders only to everyone! I’m guessing this is a direct response to Capital One launching Credit Wise early 2016. Now both Chase and Capital One have free credit score offerings much like Credit Karma, which is great! The better access everyone has to this information, the better.

Feb 2017 UPDATE: Mint, which used to only offer a free credit score quarterly, now lets you see a free score monthly.

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