When did I become a shopaholic?

This post was originally supposed to be a Cash Fasting Challenge post. I was going to cut down on my personal expenditures for the month to get myself out of that cash flow hole I’ve been digging myself into. On top of that, I went to London the week of Thanksgiving, so I wanted to be able to cover any spending on the trip with my already budgeted personal expenses category.

Up until this week, everything was going along swimmingly. The first three weeks of the month, I spent next to nothing. Go me. In London, I also spent very little. I did manage to somehow squeeze in Black Friday shopping, but that was to be expected. After that, my limit was reached. But with only a week left to go in the month, that’s not too bad, right? What didn’t I account for? CYBER MONDAY.

To be fair, much of my Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping was for other people. However, the full dollar amount of my purchases was high enough that I just tossed my “Cash Fasting Challenge: Round 3” post because there was no way for my to honestly tell you all that I was successful in any sort of restrained spending. That’s just cheating. Instead, here I am, for the second time, declaring to you all that I have a shopping problem. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Because I haven’t been able to be a source of inspiration for anyone (which is my ultimate goal), let me instead link you to some of my favorite posts that I’ve discovered this month. May these bloggers inspire you into action! I promise I’ll be increasing my blogging frequency soon; especially after the holidays. It’s time to seriously commit to improving my financial situation.


A messy home is a messy mind: DIY Jahn’s Minimalist Decluttering Challenge. This is one of multiple posts. I now want to clear out clutter in my own life! Everyone has belongings that are no longer being used.

I love these kinds of posts: The Financial Diet’s How I Paid Off $8K In 90 Days. I love reading people’s stories of how they paid off debt, big or small. Here’s another from And Then We Saved. Did I mention I love these stories? Here’s a third. Who doesn’t get motivated after reading these?

Remembering for next year; Black Friday deals are bullsh*t: Club Thrifty’s 5 Reason’s I’m Skipping Black Friday This Year. Use price trackers to make sure something is actually a deal before buying.

How to be ridiculously good-looking: Read Are You Financially Sexy from Financially Blonde. An attractive person is someone who has their finances in order.



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