Reading Roundup #2

Hey, all! In my last Reading Roundup, I featured personal stories from various personal finance bloggers that left an impression on me. Today’s theme? Minimalism, but more than just standard decluttering. Not all of these bloggers fall within the personal finance niche, but there’s definitely an overlap in interests between the two, I’d say.

Although this is a roundup post, a couple of these aren’t from the past month or even the past year. They are, however, interesting takes on minimalism that I think are worth a read.

The Other Clutter by Amanda Page

Amanda’s post is a perfect reminder that minimalism is more than just getting rid of ‘stuff’. It’s a lifestyle change, although the change varies per individual. I also love how she writes about quitting debt; it’s a very positive way to think about debt. Don’t be weighed down by debt; it’s like an ex or a bad job; you can remove it from your life (but not always as easily).

The One ‘Thing’ I Wish I’d Kept (So Far) by Tiny Ambitions

Brittany shares an excellent example of when it’s better to not get rid of something. I believe minimalism requires finding a balance between things we actually need and things which are important to us, which don’t always align 100%. Sentimental value can help keep us grounded and provide fond memories. It’s a reminder to not get rid of everything just because you can.

Struggling with Minimalism? 6 Tips to Help You Make Sustainable Change by Simply Fiercely

Jennifer’s helpful post provides tips on how to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. Adjusting to a minimalist lifestyle isn’t about removing yourself from temptations; it’s about saying yes to things that are important to you.

Gift giving for the minimalist in your life by We’re All Poor Here

If you’re buying gifts for any minimalists in your life, read this first. If you’re a minimalist (or attempting to be, at least), you’ve probably felt the pain of receiving a gift that you didn’t need or can’t use up, or the guilt of getting rid of a well-meaning present. Matt’s posts is a great article to share with friends and family if they need to, you know, take a hint. *nudge nudge*


Minimalism is such a popular topic, and I think these bloggers really added more than just ‘I’m pursuing minimalism and here’s all the stuff I’m getting rid of’ (which I’m guilty of). Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!


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