Practical gifts for your significant other

A couple months ago, I put together my first gift guide, low budget gift ideas for a variety of individuals. One thing I noticed after publishing was that there wasn’t enough of a focus for one of the most important people in your life. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas on how to impress your loved one with something thoughtful and practical; aka the gifting sweet spot.

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A spa day at home

Skincare is all about displaying that natural beauty. I’ve written about my skincare struggles in the past, which has taught me the importance of preventative skincare. It’s solidly in the “luxurious bath gifts” in my book; it’s better than handmade scented soap (really, those bars never seem to get used up), lotion, or shower gel. For a practical skincare gift, get something that’s useful, novel, but easy to use up without taking too much space.

The “reader’s choice”? This $5 charcoal mask on Amazon, which was the most clicked-on/purchased product by Cash Fasting readers in 2017. (I did a blog retrospective that goes into a little more detail.) I personally got two tubes of the stuff and love it.

Imagine gifting this to your SO while simultaneously offering to both have a spa session. Cute, right? If you want to take this to the next level, throw in a certificate to a couple’s massage. They don’t come cheap, but Groupon usually has a few options which should cost under $100.

Underwear is always a practical option

So I’m super basic, but I actually got Ian underwear for Valentine’s Day. Well, I got us underwear, because of course, I gotta treat myself, too. A few years back I got Ian a pair of MeUndies for Christmas and he loved them. I don’t like doling out a ton of cash for something so basic but if it makes my man happy, then he’s getting fancy underwear.

No one actually looks this cute wearing matching underwear but it’s still a great couples gift

MeUndies are super soft, cute undies, and yes, you can get matching pairs. They have new patterns every month, but I wouldn’t pay for a subscription – that’s more than I can stand to pay. Every once in a while though, I throw caution to the wind. Make sure to wash these babies cold and hang dry or they won’t last long at all. If these pique your interest, here’s a referral link for 20% off your first MeUndies order, no code needed.

A Bookworm’s delight

If your boo loves books, consider getting them a Kindle, which is the most practical and budget-friendly electronic reading device for those who find a phone’s glare to be too aggressive. The original Kindle is frequently on sale; don’t ever buy it at full price!

Other gift options could include an Audible membership. Give your honey a ton of new books to read (and a spa day to start reading) and you’ll be a winner. On a related note, if instead of a bookworm you have a cinephile, why not get you and your partner a three-month trial of Moviepass? It’s worth checking first to see which of your local theaters accept it.

Adventure is out there!

I am a house creature. Ian is not. This is something we often clash on; he gets stifled by a weekend indoors while I relish it. If you’re in a similar relationship situation, let me make a recommendation of the ultimate peace offering:

A double sleeping bag. This one from Amazon has a 5-star rating, over 2K reviews, and is under $80. (My nice sleeping bag was double that price and fits only me.) This is a gift that says: “Let’s occasionally do this outdoors thing that you like so much, just promise me there will be cuddles.”

So you’re aware, this is not top-of-the-line in terms of sleeping bags; merely a low-cost entry. But chances are if you’re someone who loves the outdoors, you’re not looking for anything more intense anyway. Why it’s still practical? Just read the reviews. People are using this at home just as frequently as they are outdoors; Ian and I actually have a spare sleeping bag for guests to sleep more comfortably on the couch.

When in doubt, just listen

Chances are, your partner won’t be shy to tell you what they really want, so just ask. You shouldn’t have to wait until Valentine’s day to treat who you love. So, take a moment to find out what would truly give your significant other an enjoyable day. A picnic in the park? Not having to do chores for an entire weekend? An impromptu drive upstate? Listen, and make it happen. 💪🏼

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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