What I did with my tax refund

It’s April, which means tax returns are due! I had to file taxes in three different states for 2016, which ended up being quite a pain. That said, I got roughly $1,000 in tax refunds, which is incredibly exciting! I’m excited mostly because it was almost going to be just $300 before I realized that I was double-taxing myself in two out of the three states I filed in.

Why is it so important to plan around a tax refund? For many, it’s the biggest windfall we’re going to get all year. Continue reading “What I did with my tax refund”

Why it makes sense to pay off your debt first

So you’ve got a full-time job and can manage to save some money every month. You want to take those savings and invest them somewhere where they’ll get a high return – but wait, there’s this thing called debt that’s hanging onto you. Even if you’re comfortable with investing and are confident that any gains you receive from investing will outweigh the costs of keeping that debt, there’s still a lot to be said for getting rid of that debt once and for all. Continue reading “Why it makes sense to pay off your debt first”

How I paid off $25,000 in 2 years

Student debt is the worst kind of debt.

Let me clarify. Student debt is the worst kind of debt I have.  In general, I rank student debt better than credit card debt and personal loan debt (if you have those, pay them off immediately!), but thankfully I’ve never had to worry about that.

My parents made a deal with me and my siblings: they would foot the bill for college, but we were required to pay for any further education. Continue reading “How I paid off $25,000 in 2 years”