What to do if your company doesn’t offer a retirement plan

A friend of mine is about to start a new job with a company that offers no company retirement plan. This is a tough situation to be in, mostly because it means that saving for your retirement is now in your hands. Most companies make it easy – you set your contribution amount, and you get that money taken out of our paycheck before you even see it. What do you when this isn’t the case? Continue reading “What to do if your company doesn’t offer a retirement plan”

Is Grad School Worth the Cost?

Most of my friends have been working for a few years now, and many are deciding if they should go to grad school in hopes of better job prospects and longer term higher earning. Obviously, the value of going back to school varies by industry – some require higher education in order to climb the ranks, while others are far more heavily weighted towards merit. Once you take into consideration things like negotiation skills and networking, actually quantifying the value of education varies by person and is impossible to measure. Instead, let me present my side of the story. Continue reading “Is Grad School Worth the Cost?”

When did I become a shopaholic?

This post was originally supposed to be a Cash Fasting Challenge post. I was going to cut down on my personal expenditures for the month to get myself out of that cash flow hole I’ve been digging myself into. On top of that, I went to London the week of Thanksgiving, so I wanted to be able to cover any spending on the trip with my already budgeted personal expenses category.

Continue reading “When did I become a shopaholic?”