Cash Fasting Round 2: $400 food budget for one month

Here’s another round of cash fasting! Round 1 may have been a failure, but there were some silver lining results that I would love to capitalize on this month. Originally, I wanted to make this fast for all my expenses, but, with rent/dance classes/commuting costs/wedding traveling included, then it would be such a huge number that it wouldn’t really feel like a fast. Plus, I’ve learned from my mistakes. We’re taking baby steps now. Instead, this month I’m going to target one of my biggest expenses, FOOD. Continue reading “Cash Fasting Round 2: $400 food budget for one month”

Two Cents: Q&A with Ian

This is the first in a new monthly series titled Two Cents, which reveals how individuals of different ages, cities, and professions feel about their current financial situation.

This month, we meet Ian. As it just so happens, Ian is my boyfriend. We live together, and as such we’ll be sharing many of the experiences and experiments written about on this blog. He’s agreed to be a willing guinea pig for the Two Cents Q&A and may occasionally contribute to Cash Fasting. Continue reading “Two Cents: Q&A with Ian”

The Struggles of Saving

Earlier this month, I wrote a post on spreading out Christmas shopping expenses by doing it earlier in the year.


It appears I may have gotten overzealous. Instead of spending $200 on presents, like I had originally planned, I’ve spent closer to $400. Yikes. On top of all that, I’ve just spent another $900 this week on a new class package for my dance lessons. That’s a cost I had meant to push off until the beginning of next month, but that didn’t work out too well. Continue reading “The Struggles of Saving”