What to do if you don’t have a credit score

You’ve pulled your free credit report, but got a mysterious message along the lines of “we’re sorry, but we were not able to pull your report at this time”. You double-checked and triple-checked the information inputted to make sure the right address was being pulled in… but it’s also possible that you don’t have enough credit history to have a credit score. Continue reading “What to do if you don’t have a credit score”

Where to get your Free Credit Score

You know how to get your free credit report. Now, where do you go to get a free credit score? By free, I mean that in the course of registering you are not required, at any point, to input credit card information. I’ve compiled a list of sites that I’ve personally used to get my free credit score. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so I’d love to hear in the comments if I’m missing any big ones. Continue reading “Where to get your Free Credit Score”

How to (actually) get a free credit report from Equifax/Experian/TransUnion

If you’ve navigated to any of the three bureaus in an attempt to receive your federally mandated yearly credit report, the homepage of each site typically advertises a great deal on seeing your credit report/score. The problem is, these cost money, which is a whole lot more than free. So where’s the free report? Continue reading “How to (actually) get a free credit report from Equifax/Experian/TransUnion”

A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Scores

A credit score is defined as a “number assigned to a person that indicates to lenders their capacity to repay a loan”. Basically, it’s a magical three-digit number that tells banks whether or not they should lend you money.

This post is motivated by a recent article I read on the difficulties and reservation of our generation getting credit cards. It baffles me that people struggle on simple things like getting a credit card. Continue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Credit Scores”

Cash Fasting Round 1: $200 in 2 Weeks

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am on a spending diet. Last month, I spent $3,000, which is 50% over my already lenient budget. *quietly sobs in the corner* The total balance of all my credit cards exceeds my checking account by $1,000, so it’s time to make some serious adjustments until my next paycheck.  Between September 1st and September 15th, my goal is to limit my spending to $200, which is what I need to keep my spending under in order to just break even when I get paid on the 15th. Continue reading “Cash Fasting Round 1: $200 in 2 Weeks”

How I paid off $25,000 in 2 years

Student debt is the worst kind of debt.

Let me clarify. Student debt is the worst kind of debt I have.  In general, I rank student debt better than credit card debt and personal loan debt (if you have those, pay them off immediately!), but thankfully I’ve never had to worry about that.

My parents made a deal with me and my siblings: they would foot the bill for college, but we were required to pay for any further education. Continue reading “How I paid off $25,000 in 2 years”